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The voting is now closed. See Steve Breen's top 10 cartoons of the year here. Real Estate. Contact the Union-Tribune. Community papers. Games, Puzzles, and Crossword. Privacy and Terms. Hospital ship Mercy crew to move off ship after several test positive for coronavirus. The phenomenon was caused by a red tide produced by recent rains. The best and worst fresh food meal kits. Avoiding the grocery store? We tested seven delivery fresh food meal kits. Here are the best and worst. Public Safety.

Good Samaritans, firefighters rescue bicyclist trapped under vehicle in Middletown. The year-old bicyclist was trapped after being struck Friday morning near India and Chalmers streets; motorcycle mechanics jacked up the Subaru before rescuers arrived. As a break from virtual parades and fundraisers, Ride for Humanity advocates cycling — but solo.

Major-injury crash reported on I-8 near 70th.

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The crash happened shortly before 2 p. News for Caregivers. SDPD: year-old arrested on suspicion of murder, accused of gravely injuring year-old. Authorities say victim, found Wednesday on a Golden Hill street, not expected to survive.In this lesson, students will analyze political cartoons about immigration from the late 's.


This period saw one of the largest waves of immigration in US history, due in part to the advent of the new steam-powered ships, which made it cheaper and easier to immigrate to the US than ever before. Other factors included the famine in Ireland, which began inas well as surplus European labor due to farming improvements. During this peak of migration, over 25 million new immigrants came to America. Many American citizens felt that these immigrants were a threat to their jobs and to the stability of the nation.

Some people created political groups dedicated to stopping or slowing immigration.

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Through these cartoons, students will understand the reaction of many American citizens toward this wave of immigration will see how different races and nationalities were depicted at the time. Students will be able to 1.

#1 Cartoons

Political Cartoon Worksheet. Guiding Questions for Immigration Cartoons. Explain the reasons behind immigration in the later part of the 19th century and the anti-immigrant politics that responded to this. Hand out the Immigration Politcal Cartoon Analysis Worksheet and explain what it is asking them to do. Go over any terms that might be unfamiliar and explain the process of analyzing a political cartoon. Use the cartoon "Extremes Meet" as an example, and analyze it together as a class.

A metaphor uses an analogy to describe one thing as similar to something completely different. How are the characters or items shown in the cartoon represented? Which images are large and which are small? Knowing the background knowledge of this time period, does the message surprise you? Hand out the cartoons in a packet or display them on a projector individually.

Political Cartoons

Have students work in groups to analyze the cartoons and fill out the worksheet. When the students are done, go over each cartoon as a class. Ask students guiding questions see suggested questions below to check for understanding.

Ask students how they think the 19th century attitudes about immigration are similar or different to current attitudes about immigration. Chinese Exclusion Act: A U. Cholera: a dangerous infection that can be highly contagious Emigrant: a person who leaves their own country in order to move permanently to another country.

This lesson was created by Eden Heller, education volunteer at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Let us know how you used this plan and be featured on our site! Submit your story here. Skip to main content. Anti-Immigration Attitudes Printer-friendly version.

Anti-Immigration Attitudes. Essential Questions How has social disagreement and collaboration been beneficial to Pennsylvania society?

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What does it mean to be a United States citizen, and what is your role in the history of the world? Objectives Students will be able to 1. Primary Sources American Gold.As the Trump Administration continues its assault on immigration, the average American watching the news today may be under the impression that fear, xenophobia, and hostility towards immigrants is a relatively modern concept.

And not just editorial cartoonists, but in comic strips and comic books and, more recently, graphic novels. The exhibit highlights several important historical touchstones in the immigration debate.

Several featured cartoons comment on the Chinese Exclusion Act ofwhich is widely regarded as the first immigration law that explicitly targeted immigration based on national origin and race.

The Immigration Act ofwhich instituted a multitude of restrictions and quotas based on race, is also the subject of several pieces in the exhibit. Originally featured in the political magazine Puckthe cartoon depicts American descendants of immigrants who benefited from the opportunity to begin a new life in the U. Robb noted to Columbus Alive that the piece is particularly impactful because it remains relevant to the current political firestorm raging over immigration.Angela Merkel meets with Trump to beg him to stay in the Iran Deal.

For lunch. Local Hamburgers. They compare derriers of one another. Surreal political cartoon! I did this late one night. I drew Jeff Sessions earlier that day. I was reading a qpost.

immigration political cartoon 2018

Trust Jeff Sessions Q says and pointed to this big league politics article. Read it and you Kanye West and Donald Trump two brothers. How beautiful. I loved watching Kanye be a man and stand up and say no matter what the mob thinks I am my own person. I thought of the beautiful land the Bush Family bought in Paraguay. I wanted to draw this Drudge Report cover. I got it in a vision. I have many.

Many unfinished cartoons. I need help. I need support. I need some likes. This is kind of important for us all to know that these countries share intelligence with each other.They include seismic demographic change, which has led to predictions that whites will lose their majority status within a few decades; declining social mobility and a growing class divide; and media that reward expressions of outrage. But the mass immigration of Inthere were 85 cities in which a majority of residents spoke a foreign language at home.

These include:. The two Yale authors, professors Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld, describe the diversity created by immigration:. Elite groups openly acknowledge that immigration is the force which now drives American politics — including the shocking election of real-estate developer Donald Trump in In fact, whites are sorting out of the Democratic party at a significant rate while minorities are standing pat.

Best Australian political cartoons of the year – in pictures

The growing racial gap between the two parties is evident. As the share of Whites among self-identified Democrats is rapidly decreasing outpacing demographic changes in the country as a wholethe Republican Party remains overwhelmingly White. Our conjecture is that it is these changes in race and ethnicity that drive most of the affective polarization we have witnessed over the last 30 years. For its part, the left needs to rethink its scorched-earth approach to American history and ideals.

More cosmopolitan whites tend to view this prospect with indifference or even excitement. Reihan Salam, a conservative author, writes in the Sept. On the other, they view slowing the pace of immigration as a complete non-starter.

As they see it, the only option is to double down on the status quo and hope that the storm passes—even if this approach risks triggering a crisis for open societies, such as the one we are arguably living through today. It is as though these thinkers are convinced that … that conservatives who worry about the pace of cultural change must be crushed rather than accommodated.

Diversity provides a backstop defense against the natural tendencies of homogenization and conformity … A country with institutions strong enough not to have to rely on homogeneity will be the strongest country imaginable.

But the civic culture destroyed by diversity includes shared expectations of civic equality within freedom, of Internet-enabled free speech and organization, and of debates over facts not feelings. I believe that there is a chance our experiment might fail. That building a free society from people of all races, religions, and national origins might in fact prove too hard a task …. Smith counters polite criticism of his diversity-first argument by describing his critics as racists, so exemplifying the tribalism which Smith uses and which the two Atlantic authors claim to oppose:.

But I will try to answer it in good faith, because it's an important question in its own right. Conversations about migration are about something so much more fundamental. They are about how we value other human beings. They are about whether we stand by our universal principles.

So of course, ordinary Americans — of all colors and classes and variations — are collectively pushing back against their hostile or uncaring elite.

The Atlantic article can be read here. Immigration also pulls investment and wealth away from heartland states because investment flows towards the large immigrant populations living in the coastal states. Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting.What action is taking place in the cartoon?

What is the context? This cartoon was published in Mexico City, Mexico. It depicts the U. This appears as a warning to immigrants that the U. The tone illustrates that the U. Uncle Sam is depicted as a hard-nosed character, scowling at an enemy.

He is trying to intimidate them away. The smoking gun shows that he is not simply bluffing but will take dangerous action if necessary.

This shows that American workers are replacing the immigrants as they are deported from the country. If immigrants are deported they will not be doing the low pay and labor-intensive work and Americans will have to take their place in these underpaid jobs.

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However, there is a debate about this issue. Some people believe that by deporting illegal immigrants, it would open up thousands of job opportunities for jobless Americans. This is a good argument, and creates an interesting debate topic. Overall, this article prompts the viewer to think about the consequences, both positive and negative, of deporting illegal immigrants. This cartoon depicts Americans leaving the United States to go to Mexico in order to find work.

At the same time, Mexicans are crossing the borders into the U. In this cartoons Americans are acting against their own policies.

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Mexican immigrants are expected to comply with U. This picture is extremely ironic. It frames the reality that Americans are looking for cheap labor just like Mexican immigrants are, and that they may have to leave the country illegally to find work. In this cartoon an Arizona policeman is shown arresting a man he suspects as being an illegal immigrant. This is just after the Supreme Court has upheld the Arizona immigration policies. Arizona police had been found to wrongfully profile anyone they saw as being of Mexican descent.

They used profiling, questioning those that looked different skin colors, asking them to see their papers and prove that they were legally in the U. In this cartoon an illegal Mexican immigrant can be seen sneaking into the U. He is following the footsteps of others who have already done this. It illustrates that the U. In this cartoon the Christian ideological figures of Mary and Joseph are seen crossing the deserts of Arizona, trying to find sanctuary for Mary to give birth to Jesus Christ, savior of the Christians.

This movement was to make sure that any illegal immigrants were chased out of the country before they could have a child born on U.

immigration political cartoon 2018

The man chasing away the couple of the pregnant Mary and her husband Joseph this was published close to Christmas, after all looks very much like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, advocate for Arizona immigration reform.

It is not clearly stated whether or not the man is indeed Arpaio. This reflects on the Arizona way, chasing anyone that looks foreign, whether by language, skin color or mannerisms, out of the country.The latest on immigration, refugees and international travel. US expels more than 6, migrants using new pandemic rules. The US deported him. Days later, he was hospitalized with coronavirus. Millions of workers in the US won't be getting stimulus checks.

US Citizenship and Immigration suspends in-person immigration services. Trump to block migrants and asylum seekers at US-Mexico border. Three migrant children in US government custody test positive for coronavirus. First ICE detainee tests positive for coronavirus. Illegal border crossings and lawful travel drop amid coronavirus pandemic.

immigration political cartoon 2018

Shelters told to report any coronavirus cases among migrant children. Justice Department creates section dedicated to denaturalization cases. Appeals court pauses its ruling that dealt major blow to administration's immigration agenda. Judge says conditions in overcrowded border holding cells violate the Constitution, bans sleeping in bathrooms. Court says Trump administration can withhold money from NYC, 7 states in 'sanctuary cities' fight.

More news. Coronavirus may force the UK to rethink its relationship with migrant workers. Farmers are chartering planes to bring in workers and save their crops. Why California is giving its own stimulus checks to undocumented immigrants. FEMA union urges Trump to use wartime-era law for more protective equipment. Viral video calls on Britons not to forget ethnic minorities' frontline work once Covid crisis ends. UK video pays tribute to immigrant key workers.

They can't march in the streets. So they're protesting in their cars instead. Julian Assange Fast Facts. The Iranian chess referee seeking UK asylum. US to receivecoronavirus tests from South Korea.

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Race against time: Saving the largest archive of Chinese American history from fire. Trump wants to reopen country soon. But power really lies with governors. The farmworkers putting food on America's tables are facing their own coronavirus crisis.

Federal support to end for coronavirus testing sites. Syrian Civil War Fast Facts. Chinese workers in the US are losing their visas with their jobs.

immigration political cartoon 2018

But flying home to China is too expensive. DHS warns faith community about increase in online hate speech ahead of Passover and Easter. Italy closes ports to rescue ships, targeting migrants.

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